Rail instead of truck

AT.INTERMODAL shifts a total of 8.5 million km from road to rail every year and will continue to pursue this climate-friendly path in the future.
Rail freight transport has a 96 percent lower impact on the CO2 balance of transport than trucks. As a result, we achieve CO2 emissions savings of 385,050 kg CO2 per year.

Savings: 385,050 kg CO₂ /year

Climate projects

AT.INTERMODAL supports sustainable climate protection projects on several levels and thus helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Wald4Leben – Sustainable reforestation
  • Regenwald der Österreicher – Purchase of rainforest in Costa Rica
  • earth – Educational projects on climate protection

As a result, we achieve a CO2 emissions saving of 478,800 kg CO2 per year.

  Savings: 478.800 kg CO₂ /year


AT.INTERMODAL promotes e-mobility.
Already 25% of the company car fleet has been converted to e-cars.
Our goal is to switch completely to e-mobility in the next few years and to supply our e-cars with our own e-charging stations, which provide 100% green electricity.
This will enable us to achieve CO2 emission savings of 7,500 kg CO2 per year in the future.

  Savings: 7.500 kg CO₂ /year

  Total CO₂ Savings: 871.350 kg CO₂ /year